Which type of combat do I use?

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Okay. Would OSRS GP rocktails be enough? What Happens? Which type of combat do I use? How long would the fight caves take? Do I use melee in any respect? Not only on Jad, but all the other monsters. What if my inv be? And, I'd love to merch, therefore I'd like to not spend over 10mil complete on this... Is your fire cape worth all the trouble tho?

And no worries bout bandos, got two maxed berserkers (torva+chaotics+turm+ovlds) who will be accompanying me. . Very bad, I hardly do anythn, although still makin mills. In 66 pray, gonna reach 70 tommorow.

Brody's manual that Dei Wei linked to. 'nuff said. You might want to play using the setup he supplies though; such as bringing a Verac's skirt for prayer bonus and array defence, or any other Barrow's legs for range defence. You might also want to bring a shield to compensate for a low defence level. Attempt to acquire a SGS lend if you can't be bothered getting an Enhanced Excalibur at least. If you're using a mix of prayer and super restores, only utilize super restores after you've brewed.

Do not forget to learn how to lure correctly and what to do when you reach Jad... Because it'd suck to get KOed before you even watch him on your screen. View a couple of video guides on billboards shifting (that have in-game sound included) - which helps the maximum for Jad if you have never been before. Take advantage of your 1m in bolts/arrows to get to 70 range until you think about it though.

Which are your stats tho? You shouldn't do it much under 90 battle, as they will wreck you, and you'd hardly make any money (even at lvl95, last time I tried, it ended in a loss for me personally, since the pray RS07 Gold pots+food cost over the loot). I am a noob. My complete level is just 437. Yeah, completely unbalanced.