You are trying to OSRS gold make

You are trying to OSRS gold make it out like the only lingering emotions are bitterness in the rs3 players, wow.


You are trying to OSRS gold make it out like the only lingering emotions are bitterness in the rs3 players, wow.What actually happened was that the removal of free trade and the removal of the wilderness were necessary updates to temporarily stop RWT from killing the match for legal reasons. And of course that the botting issues from RWT causing massive quantities of chargebacks to banks with stolen credit cards, even together with banks threatening to blacklist runescape solutions, effectively concealing the match.


This is something people weren't conscious of, and so they protested to jmods who could not listen to themquit. After that they attempted to liven up combat by adding over prayer flicking. I wasn't around for this moment, but it was not well received, a lot more people quit. More people quit probably because of the spin 2 win mtx added.What rs3 players do not enjoy is the constant feuding out of osrs players. Afterall, osrs was created out of a playerbase that loathed rs3.


People generally aren't jealous about playerbase statistics like you say they are, if anything that statistic always being lorded over these by osrs players is exactly what annoys them, osrs always saying"we're more popular so your sport is bad." . If celebrity meant anything I would play fortnite.It's a one-sided feud. OSRS players possess a despise boner for RS3. RS3 gamers are mostly upset towards Jamflex (maybe not OSRS players or the game) since the buy runescape mobile gold devs do not listen to them like the OSRS devs hear the OSRS community.


I love you making a post in this way. Overall to make"Rs3 awful, Osrs good" articles, completely baseless is just ing dumb. There's a few more examples of posts like this .Yeah that has been the inspiration of this post, I dont actually like rs3 that much either (even though im giving it a chance rn and its kinda chill) however osrs wouldnt be here without rs3, lets be fair.