Some conspiracy theoryists claim to exist RS

Some conspiracy theoryists claim to exist RS


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So ya! OR YOU WILL BE BANNED LIKE I AM NOW... Wish I had a .GIF that stated"Don't attempt this on RSOF Kids!" Anyway, Jagex has moved the alch cost of nature runes to the 70GP range. As you can see by my screenshot in Other RS Media, a few folks in-game got very mad after finding out that. Before today's hidden update, you could alch them for +3gp. The alch price of all other runes have been reduced too.

Some conspiracy theoryists claim to exist RS

Many of us made threads from Recent Upgrades asking why and Fmods masked them all with the justification of"This forum is only for updates listed on the home page" That is complete bs since it's IS a recent update, what else would you call it? That is my take on itI see Jagex's reason behind the character rune upgrade but I still disagree with it simply because it is the origin of the issue and it sets a bad precedent for future updates. First 200M magical exp is more than 3 million alchs when a participant did click his mouse that many times he deserves to make 2gp an alch.

But that is beside the.point. Why did natures reach this stage? Simply the source outweighed demand. Why is this? When there were just legit players rc'ing the market was stable but today using the hoards of bots there are numerous that it has smothered the need THE very same REASONS that resulted in the current epidemic will create a few weeks the runes hitting the alch value . Then what? Reduce the alch value again? Heck if the status quo was left unchanged the marketplace would have been MORE stable simply because they would be alched thus doubling the need, one needed to throw the spell and you to alch as oppesef to one to cast the spell after which another thing to alch.

Part of this logic was"it is a negative affect on yew longbows etc" well, if people DID fall, if they went to their high alch cost, they'd be equally as popular to alch as they would profit to, players would have many different choices to pick from to maximize profit by a Gp or two. The precedent. Or simply take OVLDS the expense to create one has halved in recent months does that mean we can expect an update to them as cheap RuneScape gold they're intended to be costly baskets?