I don't feel like villagers were really that more diverse in older games

I don't feel like villagers were really that more diverse in older games


The situational conversation the first 2-3 times is Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells certainly the worst aspect of speaking to villagers and most likely why folks think that they have no personality. The humorous and intriguing dialog being concealed behind it makes it so tedious sometimes. I really don't care that somebody saw me burying cash again , I wish to hear about your wacky antics!

They're also all a little too sweet, which looks kind of bland and generic. But honestly I've never been randomly told off by a few of my friends/neighbors IRL therefore it is sensible in a way. A little sass would not hurt, though.

I don't feel like villagers were really that more diverse in older games. Realistically it comes down to having matters to do/reasons to test in on the game which keeps people playing. I am not convinced a little more dialog is the gap between 50 hours and 500.

I'd like to find some information on this. It feels like there's more diverse dialogue in this one than at any the previous person's to me, and I have got countless hours in each game. Only difference is that the lack of meaner villagers compared to the first. However, I seriously doubt that's the difference maker between 50 and 500 hours to get many people in any way.

I really don't have a hyperlink but dataminers found months ago the villagers in NH have more lines of dialogue than some of the old games. The problem lies in the samey lines that always come out the first time you speak to them daily. You need to keep talking to them for to the interesting and more varied stuff, which is still an issue since few people talk to their villagers more than a few times every day.

The simple fact that the most upvoted remark in this thread mentions wanting characters to get stats for mini-games says so much about how the people who complain about AC with this sub really have no urge to play with AC. You want AC to be a very different game. I've put a ton of hours into every AC, and NH is without a doubt, the largest step the franchise has obtained since the initial game. The quantity of cheap Animal Crossing Bells freedom you have to produce your city your own is foolish compared to the previous game.