I have around 1 mil to update my armour/ wep

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You do not RuneScape 2107 gold need to do DT, but it's an enjoyable pursuit and you're going to need it done sooner or afterwards, and doing it today would be helpful. While you do not need afterward, 70 att,def,str,array and mage would help greatly. Magic dart is a good one...

Barrows runs work good without them. I'm certain that 70 defence might help a bit, but if you're utilizing ice magics, you never should melee anyway. Whatsoever. Karil gets destroyed by magic and ahrim is just a bit slow to stove.

Ironically I do not normally do more than 1 run a time, but that is because I can not escape from the maze. (This was before I got some of the levels you describe). I know I could do two or even 3 runs in a stretch. 70 defence is quite very very helpful with blitz into sally, which is one of the greatest methods(in case you don't have access to turm/chaotics etc etc). Strike and strength accelerate ahrim, however is not necessary and 70 mage is a minimal, 82 is better.

I have around 1 mil to update my armour/ wep. Note: I need the exp therefore I wont change the helmet. I have not done the freminik quests either. Going to change the black boots to dragon boots after I get a few additional 100ks. Have not done monkey madness. Im trying to get dragon defender btw... Any information will be cool.

It actually did lol, I got 20k-30k exp 2 afternoon in str, which is far more than my normal... I never train to get substantially over an hour at a strech, as I enjoy making frnds and having fun more than skills. And neit doesn't work for my , like I said in 1st post, I haven't done the fremmy quests,'' and it will be a repuirement. Just how much is proselyt? I can't afford to keep buying degradable armour, so I wana know cheap RuneScape gold if its degrade too. And tyvvm for posting.